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Wednesday, 10 June 2009

A Perfect Pear In A Pretty Corset!

The pear shape is the most common shape amongst most women and what I like to call it- the type of body that is round on top and round on the bottom and definatley V. Burlesque!

To make the best of this enviable hourglass shape and drawing attention to your waist!

A corset is the one item of clothing that is perfect for this! It is slim fitting and a style that defines your waist and shows off your torso creating the much sought after hourglass shape!

If you are going to wear a corset with a fitted shirt attached to it, select a style with wider cuffs and bell sleeves, choose embellishment, rushing, seaming detail, large collar/lapels and princess lines. this will automatically balance out the wider bottom of you by drawing attention upwards- Playgirl London have created a replica of the Megan Fox corset which features a fitted shirt- perfect for the Pear Shaped Belle! the final picture will be coming soon, but see below for the look we will acheieve and the progress at the moment! exciting stuff! :-) I will post the final picture when it is ready!

Corsets are perfect for pretty pears!

Corsets are also perfect for this shape as the Playgirl London corsets cover your hips, so there are no unwanted bulges and it pulls everything in that extra few inches whilst still maintaining that hourglass shape! The perfect pear should also accessorize the top of your body well, by adding some pearls, necklaces and hair clips and voilla!

De- emphasize the bottom and elongate your legs!

Choices of what to wear on your bottom half should be plain and simple, which is why in burlesque we keep it plain with stockings and knickers, keeping detail to a minimum as all attention needs to be on your waist, also when picking heels think sky scraper and wear them whenever you can as this will help your legs look longer and create balance and save all the visual interest for your best waist!

And finally enjoys your ultra fantastic feminine shape!

Love Pxx


Blogger Paulina De La Passionfruit said...

Aw, corsets are lovely.
I love the third one, just perfect.

10 June 2009 at 12:49  

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