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Thursday, 11 June 2009

Celebs Turn To Corsets For A Bit Of Nip Tuck!

Forget cosmetic surgery, celebrities these days seem to be turning to corsets to nip and tuck and push out in all the right places by enhancing even the smallest of cleavages and giving shape to the tiniest stars and adding vamp to the more curvier celebs!

Obvious celeb that turns to the corsets as being their closet heros is Inernational Burlesque Queen and one of my idols! Dita Von Teese who says "she gets a kick out of wearing tight fitting corsets." The burlesque dancer admits that corsets are extremeley difficult to fit in at times but the result is rewarding!

Corsets are painful in the same way high heels are,’ she explains.
‘I mean, maybe they’re not as comfortable as wearing trainers. It’s not like a T-shirt! ‘I’m not going to use the word comfortable, but it can be pleasurable.
'It’s an acquired thing – I like the feeling of it.’

Another celeb to jump on the corsetry bandwaggon is not so obvious RnB princess Rhianna who wowed fans at the WMA's last year when she turned up wearing a sexy studded corset and skin tight leather trousers! She also turned to the corset when making her world comeback after her break with Chris Brown and vamped up her style by wearing a black and red corset for her Dublin Tour in February this year.

Carleze Theron is also a celeb that isn't too shy to take a risk on the runway but at the MTV Movie Awarsd this year she opted for a more subtle but classic approach, wearing a sleek corset and skin tight pants combination that exposed just the right amount of skin and keeping focus on the ultra modern corset top.

Here are a few other celebs who have opted for corsetry as an alternative to going under the knife!


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