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Friday, 19 June 2009

Dressing Down To Stay In Is The New Dressing Up To Go Out!

Moving slightly away from corsets to the other extreme....Dressing for comfort!

As much as I love tight lacing myslef in a gorgeous corset and throwing some heels and a bustle skirt on to go out, I absolutley love the extreme opposite too! Especially when I come in from a night out and untie the first few strings to my corset and have...air and room to move around...heaven! Then all I really want is to snuggle up in a huge fluffy dressing gown put on my UGGS and lie on the sofa in front of the fire watching the TV...bliss

I think everyone seems to be catching on to the whole "nesting" phenomenan now, what began as marketing - speak in the 1990s has become reality, we crave comfort and convenience wherever possible! we want to lounge in chenille dressing gowns and big fluffy throws with a cup of cocoa a bary of cadburys chocolate and Sex and the City for company!

There is now a huge market for anything that makes us nest in style...I have found a dressing gown company that has tapped into the trend and just had to share it with everyone!

Next time you want to snuggle in the comfort of your home and lounge in luxury, I highly recommend you visit The company sells a selection of styles and colours of luxury dressing gowns all made from high custom cotton chenille, made exclusively by the brand which you will not find on the high street! They are mainly aimed a bit towards the older market but there are a couple on there that are quite young, such as the one I have purchased! The hooded one is the one that I have purchased but I have also found this snuggly number too to warm up your cockles!
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