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Thursday, 2 July 2009

An ‘As Seen On Megan Fox’ Corset By Playgirl London

An online corsetry company has been working overtime over the last few weeks to create a replica of the Megan Fox waist reducing corset!

Online burlesque inspired boutique and corsetieres have created a copy of the corset that has wowed the media over the last month by whittling the film stars midriff down to a miniscule six inches wide at its narrowest point!

The sensational Megan Fox who was voted sexiest women in the world by 2008 wore the corset to clinch her waist to a tiny six inches for her role as Leila in the upcoming film adaptation of Jonah Hex. The actresses usually 22-inch waist was laced into a corset that reduced its diameter to a tiny 18 inches.

The 'As seen on' megan Fox corset can now be purchased at


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