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Friday, 26 June 2009

Goodbye To America's Pin Up

Famed for her flicked out blonde hair and enviable figure, Farrah Fawcett was the ultimate pin up, the "Marilyn Monroe" of the 70's.

She epitomised the glamour and was the sex-appeal of the 1970's California- buoyant golden curls, pearly white teeth and sun kissed curves. She was the standout heroine of Charlie' Angels where she shot to stardom on TV screens and thanks to a poster that sold a record 12m copies, she was the idololised by teenage boys everywhere.

She died yesterday aged 62, after chronicling her two-and-a-half year battle with cancer and is now resting with the angels above.

Goodbye Farrah you will be missed

P xx

Monday, 22 June 2009

50's pin up

I have decided to chenge my image for the summer season, moving slightly away from the burlesque look and more towards 50's pin up, from a sultry brunette to a golden blonde and showcasing one of my corsetry designs, a red gingham corset which will be added to my site very soon

I hope you like!

Love Pxxx

Friday, 19 June 2009

Dressing Down To Stay In Is The New Dressing Up To Go Out!

Moving slightly away from corsets to the other extreme....Dressing for comfort!

As much as I love tight lacing myslef in a gorgeous corset and throwing some heels and a bustle skirt on to go out, I absolutley love the extreme opposite too! Especially when I come in from a night out and untie the first few strings to my corset and have...air and room to move around...heaven! Then all I really want is to snuggle up in a huge fluffy dressing gown put on my UGGS and lie on the sofa in front of the fire watching the TV...bliss

I think everyone seems to be catching on to the whole "nesting" phenomenan now, what began as marketing - speak in the 1990s has become reality, we crave comfort and convenience wherever possible! we want to lounge in chenille dressing gowns and big fluffy throws with a cup of cocoa a bary of cadburys chocolate and Sex and the City for company!

There is now a huge market for anything that makes us nest in style...I have found a dressing gown company that has tapped into the trend and just had to share it with everyone!

Next time you want to snuggle in the comfort of your home and lounge in luxury, I highly recommend you visit The company sells a selection of styles and colours of luxury dressing gowns all made from high custom cotton chenille, made exclusively by the brand which you will not find on the high street! They are mainly aimed a bit towards the older market but there are a couple on there that are quite young, such as the one I have purchased! The hooded one is the one that I have purchased but I have also found this snuggly number too to warm up your cockles!
Love Pxx

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Celebrities Wearing Corsets

Kelly Rowland and Victoria Beckham working the corsetry!

Charleze Theron looking classy in a silver corset at MTV Movie Awards

Everyday wear for Rhianna in a white corset

Rhianna wearing red and black PVC corset on her Dublin tour.

Celebs Turn To Corsets For A Bit Of Nip Tuck!

Forget cosmetic surgery, celebrities these days seem to be turning to corsets to nip and tuck and push out in all the right places by enhancing even the smallest of cleavages and giving shape to the tiniest stars and adding vamp to the more curvier celebs!

Obvious celeb that turns to the corsets as being their closet heros is Inernational Burlesque Queen and one of my idols! Dita Von Teese who says "she gets a kick out of wearing tight fitting corsets." The burlesque dancer admits that corsets are extremeley difficult to fit in at times but the result is rewarding!

Corsets are painful in the same way high heels are,’ she explains.
‘I mean, maybe they’re not as comfortable as wearing trainers. It’s not like a T-shirt! ‘I’m not going to use the word comfortable, but it can be pleasurable.
'It’s an acquired thing – I like the feeling of it.’

Another celeb to jump on the corsetry bandwaggon is not so obvious RnB princess Rhianna who wowed fans at the WMA's last year when she turned up wearing a sexy studded corset and skin tight leather trousers! She also turned to the corset when making her world comeback after her break with Chris Brown and vamped up her style by wearing a black and red corset for her Dublin Tour in February this year.

Carleze Theron is also a celeb that isn't too shy to take a risk on the runway but at the MTV Movie Awarsd this year she opted for a more subtle but classic approach, wearing a sleek corset and skin tight pants combination that exposed just the right amount of skin and keeping focus on the ultra modern corset top.

Here are a few other celebs who have opted for corsetry as an alternative to going under the knife!

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

A Perfect Pear In A Pretty Corset!

The pear shape is the most common shape amongst most women and what I like to call it- the type of body that is round on top and round on the bottom and definatley V. Burlesque!

To make the best of this enviable hourglass shape and drawing attention to your waist!

A corset is the one item of clothing that is perfect for this! It is slim fitting and a style that defines your waist and shows off your torso creating the much sought after hourglass shape!

If you are going to wear a corset with a fitted shirt attached to it, select a style with wider cuffs and bell sleeves, choose embellishment, rushing, seaming detail, large collar/lapels and princess lines. this will automatically balance out the wider bottom of you by drawing attention upwards- Playgirl London have created a replica of the Megan Fox corset which features a fitted shirt- perfect for the Pear Shaped Belle! the final picture will be coming soon, but see below for the look we will acheieve and the progress at the moment! exciting stuff! :-) I will post the final picture when it is ready!

Corsets are perfect for pretty pears!

Corsets are also perfect for this shape as the Playgirl London corsets cover your hips, so there are no unwanted bulges and it pulls everything in that extra few inches whilst still maintaining that hourglass shape! The perfect pear should also accessorize the top of your body well, by adding some pearls, necklaces and hair clips and voilla!

De- emphasize the bottom and elongate your legs!

Choices of what to wear on your bottom half should be plain and simple, which is why in burlesque we keep it plain with stockings and knickers, keeping detail to a minimum as all attention needs to be on your waist, also when picking heels think sky scraper and wear them whenever you can as this will help your legs look longer and create balance and save all the visual interest for your best waist!

And finally enjoys your ultra fantastic feminine shape!

Love Pxx

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

I am really loving silk corsets at the moment, I think they just look so elegant and a must have ingredient to really putting an emphasis onto that much sought after hourglass figure! stock a selection of silk corsets that just boast 50's style glamour in gold, crimson or teal, the Silk Jaquard Dita Corset Collection from Playgirl London is elegant and exquisite.

The lace up back makes it fully adjustable to fit your figure while the longer line of the corset makes it great for shaping the hips and waist as well as providing extra room for the bust- which can sometimes cause problems on ladies with a bigger bust, I would say this brand does cater for that!

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Thursday, 4 June 2009

My New Image

I don't know if anyone will have noticed this as I am pretty much quite new to blogger!

But incase you don't know I have! I don't really like to conform to the 'norm' which is why I have changed my name to fit in with burlesque, but I think you would agree it isn't just an ordinary burlesque name...I is quite unique!

To fit in with the name, I have also opted to change my image, moving away from the rockabilly look and more towards the 50's pin up look!

I would like to know your thoughts! If you have a min leave a comment!

Lots of love

P xxxx

P.S Both images are featured on this blog!!

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