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Tuesday, 26 May 2009

An Online Burlesque Boutique Hit’s Centre Stage

An online burlesque boutique is set to hit centre stage this month and they aren’t the only ones!

For online burlesque inspired boutique- , rockabilly, retro and smooth blues sounds are the flavours for the brand this month especially North London act Suave, a cabaret and burlesque DJ that will be putting on a show at the end of this month, that true Corset are the proud sponsors of.

The event, which will take place on May 31 at Annie’s Bar, Kentish Town Road, London and will see burlesque dancers taking centre stage to the burlesque beats of DJ $uave and performing a show that is not to be missed!

Managing Director, Kody Mehat said: “I am delighted to be sponsoring this event. The music, style and whole burlesque theme of the show really fit in with our brand,

“I think most of the dancers in the show will be wearing the type of thing we have on offer on the site. Burlesque is all about the type of body that is round on top and round on the bottom and a corset is the one piece of clothing for a woman that emphasises that,

“Real corsets are made with generous amounts of steel and cloth that is generously reinforced, this helps achieve the sexy and seductive hourglass figure that burlesque is all about! Our corsets can help achieve a waist reduction of up to four inches and on our specialist made to measure corsets this can be increased to six inches.”

True corset will be offering £100 worth of vouchers to spend on their site and tickets for the event are priced at £8 and can be purchased at Annie’s bar on the night.

So get yourself down there and be in with a chance of bagging a gorgeous corset from the site!

love P xx


Burlesque Is Beautiful

As I keep on saying, I am a huge fan of all things burlesque, especially the 50's pin up look which I try to replicate as much as possible! I would love to be a burlesque dancer but I just don't have the confidence to get up on stage and look remotely as good as some of the burlesque beauties that dazzle the audience with their performance.
Enough with the size zero frame already! burlesque is all about the type of body that is round on top and round on the bottom- the totally feminine gorgeous hourglass shape! which is why I love the corset so much!
The corset is the ultimate piece of burlesque wear that really achieves that feminine hourglass shape and when I say corsets I mean real steel boned corsets, none of the cheap plastic type that claim 'real corsetry'.

Love P xx

Friday, 1 May 2009

Hello From Paulina

Hello from Paulina

Hey Guys and Dolls!

Let me introduce myself.. My name is Paulina De La Passionfruit and I am a huge fan of all things burlesque, retro, 50's glamour!

I thought I would set up a blog as I have so many thoughts, ideas, concepts on the world of galmour burlesque, corsets and lingerie... u name it! I need to express it some how and well here I am!

Why corsets?? Well a corset is the one item of clothing a woman can wear that will give that fabulous feminine hour glass shape and only a proper corset will do that. When I say 'proper' I mean a steel boned corset that sometimes comes at a bit of a pricey cost but is well worth the investment! So I will be trawling the different sites/companies out there and give my full opinion on their products asnd designs.

I'll just tell you a little bit about myself. I was discovered on the social networking phenomenan that is Facebook by a couple of corsetry/burlesque boutiques that wanted to take me on to help them with their designs, i.e. dancing in them and report back to them on whether they would be suitable enough to sell to the beautys on the burlesque scene for all their performances, which, I might add is fantastic for me as it means that I can practic training my waist in that extra few inches needed to give that glamourous and sought after 50's shape needed to be the ultimate burlesque beauty! If you are on facebook feel free to add me as a friend.

I hope you all enjoy my blog and find the information useful!

Love P xx

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